Healing the Exploited

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I would love to speak at your next event. I have spoken at Women’s Retreats, Gala Events, Churches, Special Events, Homeland Security & Law Enforcement trainings, Rotary Clubs, safe houses, jails, HT coalition conferences, court rooms, Bible studies, colleges, universities, various Women Groups and at Jr. High & High school assemblies.

I can work with you to develop a topic for your event or I can share my story and the vision behind my beauty brand ( and street ministry (No Strings Attached Outreach).

My passion is to awaken the secrets of the soul, and guide women and men to find their voice and propel them into their destinies. Sexual abuse and exploitation and the wounded soul are my core focus.

“Lisa is a great gift to this world. Her story is a powerful voice of hope and truth and the redemption of God.”
Danielle Strickland

Topics I Have Spoken On Are:

Venues Where I Have Spoken:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) - Keynote Gala Speaker 2019

Patricia King Ministries Give me my mountain Conference Maricopa, Az Teaching on “A Deborah response to the exploited” Sept. 2020

Texas State Capital - Legislation for anti trafficking bills Personal Testimony and advocacy for DMST 2019

The Reel Conference 2015-2019 Cinderella Story, Depression is no laughing matter, Fundraiser for NSA/Keynote Speaker San Antonio, Tx

Aglow Ministries - Keynote Speaker at Convention and across many chapters in the state of Texas 2018 to present

Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking Awareness training with Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Mayors, Law Enforcement, Victim Service Agencies serving victims in Tx. Eagle Pass, Harlingen, San Antonio, Tx 2018-2020

A21 "Can you see me?" Campaign Live Press Conference - Keynote Speaker 2020

Senator John Cornyn Campaign TV Commercial - Survivor Testimony of CSEC 2020

Salvation Army - Human Trafficking Conference San Antonio, Tx 2018 2019

Chosen Women’s Conference – Chosen Story – Personal Testimony 2018

King TV LIVE – Personal Testimony Sharing the gospel to the multitudes. 2020

Wanted Campference - The Book of Esther 2013 Deborah 2020

UTSA - Teaching on the connection between pornography and trafficking - Trafficking 101 2019

Womens Speaker Collective NYC/Theatre 315 (Danielle Strickland) - My story 2020

Rivercity Church Women's Night out Event 2019

1910 Church Bible Study and events 2013-2018

Wanted Campference 2014/2020 Keynote Speaker H.E.Butt Foundation Camp Leakey, Tx

Houston Revival Center Houston, Tx 2015 My Stories