the Exploited

Invite Lisa To Speak

Lisa Michelle is available to speak at your next Women’s Conference, Church, Weekend retreats, Gala event, Universities, Youth camps,  Jr. High and High School assemblies, Professional (law enforcement, HSI, business, etc..) gatherings.

She can work with you to develop a topic for your event or share her story and the vision behind her beauty brand (www.lilynco.net) and street ministry (No Strings Attached Outreach).

Keep in mind, she generally books her speaking events 3-6 months in advance.

She has a heart for the sexually exploited and women and children who have wounded and sexually abused, exploited or trafficked.

To Invite Lisa To Speak, Please Fill Out Our Booking Form.

Once you have submitted the booking form, please allow about 7 days for a response to your request. You will hear back via an email, unless additional information is needed.