Lisa Michelle is the social entrepreneur and CEO of Lily & Co. who’s curated gifts are handcrafted by survivors that provides funding to safe homes globally. She is also the CEO/Founder of Untethered Ministries, a non-profit guiding women and children into inner-healing from being sexually exploited or trafficked. NSAGirls is an intervention and advocacy program within Untethered Ministries providing aftercare for the exploited.

Her work includes legislation, advocacy, education on trafficking-related subjects to law enforcement and the community, and leadership in various advisory boards and coalitions.

She is a survivor of commercial child sexual exploitation herself, and tells her story to the nations to help women and children experience emotional healing.

She will challenge the inner warrior within you to rise up and fight for the life you were always meant to live. Emotional freedom is one of the keys that she loves to deliver through her harrowing story, and she speaks to the truth that she is not what happened to her but is who she chooses to become. She is an ordained minister under Patricia King Ministries, and has dedicated her life to this cause.

Lisa Michelle was born and raised just outside of San Fransisco, California into a broken home filled with domestic violence and sexual abuse. Leaving her vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation by a predator within her community.

Living a young adult life filled with addiction and life on the run, ultimately running into her saviors arms and walking the healing path from a horrific childhood has led Lisa into her calling.

Today she is happily married for 25 years and a Mom to two beautiful children. She resides in the Hill Country outside of San Antonio, Tx. And loves to chase those amazing Texas storms and spend times with horses.

She works closely with the Governor’s office as a social justice advocate and serves on the Survivors Advisory Board for the state of Texas with TAASA, initiated by Governor’s Sex Trafficking Team. Along with law enforcement and global leading agencies partnering in the fight against child sexual exploitation. She has legislated for bills at the Capital in Austin. Been an ambassador & leading voice for A21’s “Can you see me” campaign.

And is continuously on the front lines of this heinous crime happening in her own backyard.

She is on a personal mission to make sure every exploited child in the state of Texas is seen, heard and valued! And has dedicated her life to this cause as she shares her story to the Nations!

Lisa believes that her lived experience can and does inform change. As she leads the charge in her community and across the nation to end commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).​


Our mission is to lead survivors of complex sexual trauma into their full potential and true identity discovery. Our vision is to end all forms of sexual exploitation, domestic violence and neglect thru intervention, prevention, advocacy and aftercare.

Untethered ministries believes every person can experience freedom from complex sexual trauma, domestic violence and abuse. We are committed to standing in the gap with each survivor, as they transition from being untethered from their past and tethered to freedom.

Lily & Co. Established in 2007. 

Each curated gift and product is handcrafted by survivors of sexual exploitation or trafficking, and every product is socially responsible and ethically sourced. We have a variety of gift products, jewelry and skin/body care to choose from. Our most popular product is Mommy’s Little Helper, an anti-aging serum that firms and tightens the skin. Our Freedom Boxes are very popular too. They make great gifts for Birthdays, Christmas etc… You’ll find a variety of goods in each collection (surprise box) that will raise funds for women and children in need of resources from escaping violent trafficking situations.