Facing your fears are the key to unlocking your destiny

First we must ask, what is it you are most afraid of? 

Have you ever tried to uncover the root of that fear? Ask yourself, when did this fear become a reality to me. When did it start? Think and meditate on this and you will find the root of it all. Inside that root is the key to unlocking your destiny. 

The enemy already knows of the great plans God has for you and it scares him if you actually stepped into them, so he will do all he can to distract and dissuade you from actually fulfilling your calling in life. Many of us choose the wrong path in life because we think we are not qualified for the job and let our insecurities rule our decision making process.

I will tell you from experience, if you are not feeling afraid when doing something then you are not living your best life! Do something you’re afraid of today and conquer this fear, the rewards are great and you have no idea where this fear that controls you can lead you, once it has been unleashed.

I believe your destiny is hiding behind the gripping power of fear that needs to be overcome.

Lets talk about the root!

You want to find out what is at the root of your fear is. Finding the root cause of the fear is usually the key to unlocking the truth behind the lie. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is an emotion, and you don’t have to allow it to stick around. Think of it as an unwelcome visitor and tell it it has to vacate your mind, body and soul. It has to cease and desist, and has no control over you anymore in Jesus name.

The root cause of my anxiety and fears were the fear of man. What would people think of me? How will they perceive me, will they judge me? Will they value what I have to say?

And the root entered my life as a young girl growing up with an abusive, over controlling, alcohol, angry Dad. He was violent and verbally and sexually abusive. One of the ways he controlled me was by not letting me speak. I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion on anything. I wasn’t given choices, I was told what to do and if I brought up what I wanted or tried to voice anything other than what was dictated to me, I was slapped upside the head, hard, and learned very quickly it was safer in our home to keep my mouth shut.

Therefore a seed of the fear of man entered me though my dads abusive and controlling ways.

When I went in for a healing session to find out why I was so petrified to share my story and to speak, we found the very root that held me prisoner for most of my life. My prayer is you will find that very root that was deposited in you and has been holding you hostage from your true destiny.

You don’t have to be perfect

I’ll never forget to the first time I spoke at a Retreat. I was beyond nervous and full of fear. I stayed up all night with my face on the floor praying and begging God to release me from myself! I was way too inside my head and feelings, and thinking only of myself.

The moment I started to speak that night, everything that could go wrong did! We were in an outdoor setting sitting right by the river and I had been given a choice of one of those head sets that are wireless or to have a handheld microphone. I chose the headset, this way my hands could be free and one less thing to think about. Well, since I was not a seasoned speaker, I had no idea that microphone had boundaries it couldn’t go out of. It would screech every time I would try to walk anywhere. And then 2 sentences in and it stopped working! The battery died. So, they handed me a handheld mic and I start over because I was pretty sure no one heard a word I said with all the interference. And then shortly into my presentation, that mic went out! No joke.

I waited and they found batteries and fixed it, so I continued on and then a lovely breeze kicked up and took all my papers with it!! You guys, I didn’t number them. I was so flustered. Nothing was going according to plan. It was one of those moments, you’re asking, can we have a do over please? But I did my best to find my pages as I need them and continue on. Finally everything started to flow and I was able to deliver my testimony without notes and my first official speaking engagement was under my belt!

And guess what I didn’t die. Contrary to my fears, which told me I was going to, and that I’d be mortified if everything didn’t go perfect etc.. The great thing about all that happening that night was I got that out of the way right off the bat when starting my new speaking skills. I now know that I would survive if everything wasn’t just exactly as I thought it should be. And you yourself can do the same thing! Wether that is starting a business, a new career, parenting, starting a ministry, speaking or whatever it is God is calling you too.

So I offer to you from experience that trying to be perfect is overrated and just not worth the anxiety. And truthfully the focus becomes on you and your abilities, not on allowing the Lord to have His way in the moments He has called you too. And most the time the audience is not affected as much as you think they are in these moments. Whatever your audience is.

Prayer we all prayed together in our session: Continue to pray this over your life until you experience full freedom!

Declare and decree this right now:

Repeat and declare this over your life right now!

The word decree is a legal term that can mean

Jesus said, “The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life” ( John 6:63 KJV). His words are filled with power and have the ability to create His kingdom’s glory in the earth. When you proclaim God’s Word in faith, it is activated to bring about His will and purpose for your life.Examine the following encouraging Scripture to see how powerful His Word is: “For the word of God is living and active and full of power [making it operative, energizing, and effective]” (Hebrews 4:12 AMP).

When you decree God’s Word, it is alive and full of power and brings itself to pass. According to Isaiah 55:11, it does not return empty but accomplishes everything it is sent to do. God’s Word is the final authority. If He said it, He will make it good! 

Excerpt from Patricia King’s Declare and Decree Book 

I encourage you to continue the fight if you are still experiencing fear cropping up after conference. God does not give us a spirit of fear. Be obedient to where He is calling you, and soak in God’s word so that your mind is full of His promises and you will be able to identify the lies of the enemy and spot his tactics when he comes knocking at your door. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying when fear comes knocking at your door, let faith answer it!! My prayer is this is encouraging on your journey of conquering fear and finding faith in all you do in life. Chase your destiny, moving past those strong emotions of fear and you will find the calling on your life!